SATA is there a big difference?

I just bought a new mother board and it will accept a sata drive. I am going to get a new drive tomorrow and was wondering if it is worth it to get a sata drive instead of a ide drive. i could use the extra ide slot…Would i notice a difference in speed??? and can i ghost my current ide drive to a sata drive???thanks

I’m not an expert in these things, but for what I know to notice a difference in speed you need to buy a s-ata2 drive and to build a RAID system. Most of integrated s-ata controllers are able to work in RAID.

From what I have been leed to believe, due to the way the controler works, there is a slight performance increase in the way data is handled with sata, but the diffrence is very small. As far as the drives speed, 7200 rpm drives are not fast enough to take advantage of the aditional speed capabilities of sata, even if they are raided. Even raptors raided do not exceed pata’s 133MB/s speed limit. The only way you might actually see a speed diffrence with sata is perhaps if you raided 3/4 drives (which most motherboard controlers cannot do if I’m not mistaken) and or used ultra fast (and ultra expensive) drives raided. There is the advantage of not using up your ide conectors though.

so i am just better off buying twice the size of hard drive for the same money and get an ide…??? I see they have a 160g seagate at comp usa for $39 after rebate

Just get a IDE drive with 16MB cache and you’ll be good to go.

If out of the drives you are looking at, the sata are more expensive, I would just get the ide. I have seen sata drives on sale as cheap as ide drives though, they just don’t seem to go on sale quite as often.

Most have 8MB for the cache. I have both IDE and SATA and my Seagate 160 IDE beats the SATA so you cannot just look at the connection; there can be other factors at work as well.

I would go with price.

I have heard that the extra cache does in fact make a diffrence and gives you a little beter performance over a 2MB or 8MB cache drive. Still, I wouldn’t hesitate to get an 8MB cache drive if the price is right.

ripit, is the compusa ad you have in the bargain forum the scan for tomorrows ad? That is where i saw the 160g seagate 8meg buffer for 39.99 after rebates

Hard drives all perform the same regardless of the interface used. SATA, SATA2 and IDE are all the same. The interface is just that, and does not affect drive performance. That said, there are clear advantages to using the SATA interface for your HD’s. Each drive is on it’s own port, so there’s none of the IDE shared port issues to deal with. Most current MB’s have the main SATA controller on chipset, so the drive is off the PCI bus, which is a big advantage. Further more, having HD on SATA leaves IDE free for burners, and isn’t that what we really care about?

If I were looking for one HD, it would be SATA, for the above reasons. They do perform better, but not in a “speed” sense. Even if you put a PATA drive on a SATA converter, you’re still ahead of the game.

As for imaging or cloning an old IDE drive to a new SATA drive, yes you can do that. But what you cannot do is use an OS from one MB on another MB, unless they are very similar boards, and the old OS has appropriate SATA drivers already installed. There are ways to get around the driver issues though, but the driver must be installed before the new drive is cloned.

i have built the new computer. athlon64 3200 w/ new board and all of that. I currently have a secondary drive that is just too small and i want to get a new one to replace it. It stores all of my digital pics. and all of the captured video from my home movies. So the operating system is no issue. All this drive would be is a slave in my current setup…?? I am not going to mess w/ my primary drive at this point.

While I was doing these benchmarks rdgrimes posted and basically said whats in my benchmarks. But I will post them anyways. :slight_smile: Tested three Maxtor hard drives and as you can see the there are no big differences between the S ATA VS P ATA hard drives. Keep in mind benchmarks are just synthetic numbers and do not hold a lot of value in real world applications. Best thing about S ATA is less clutter in your PC (smaller IDE cables)and you free up some P ATA channels as mentioned in above posts.
1: Maxtor 120 GB 8MB cache P ATA HD/ Promise 378 controller (IDE Mode)
2: Maxtor 160 GB 8MB cache S ATA HD/ Intel 82801EB (ICH5) SATA Controller
3: Maxtor 250 GB 16MB cache S ATA HD/ Intel82801EB (ICH5) SATA Controller

So if i get the bottom line of this, i will get very little if any performance enhancement i will just gain another ide slot if i go with the sata…both hard drives i am looking at are seagate 160g ide $40 and sata $70, it might be worth it to free up an ide slot… I really appreciate all of the help and advise that the members here provide!@! thanks!


Define “performance”. As I said above, there are advantages to taking HD’s off the IDE and PCI bus that are not related to speed per se. They will respond quicker with less latency, and so on. If I were you, I’d get a SATA converter and move the OS drive to SATA too.

Yes it is. I usally post the ads on saturday that start the next day.

So in other words, sata drives are not faster, but the sata interface has performance advantages. If I understand rdgrimes right and based on what I have understood, you may run into issues where an ide drive may have to share bandwidth with another device, not to mention ide has to go through an external bus, where sata interfaces directly through the chipset. For instance, if you have two drives on an ide channel, one slave, one master, they have to take turns comunicating through the ide channel. With sata there is no sharing and rather than going through an external bus the drive can just about comunicate directly with the cpu and memory through the chipset. there is no external bus where the device may have to share resources with other devices.

I’m guesing that this would show up the most if you are multi tasking and several of the devices in the computer are at work. If you are just moving/opening a large file, I wouldn’t think there would be much advantage. If you have multiple programs running accesing diffrent drives at the same time, I’m guessing access times are going to be beter with sata. It’s prbably not something you can measure/benchmark, you just might notice a little less lag with sata when multi tasking.

Personally, if the sata drive is the same price (maybe a little more), I would get it. If the sata drive is a lot more, I think I would stick with pata. While there is a diffrence, it doesn’t seem to be enough to justify paying a lot more money.

What do you think of this drive??? I am so new at this…is this just a sata drive with an adapter if you need it??
found this at staples

Maxtor SATA 200GB 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive with PCI Card Bundle
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Serial ATA (SATA)
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The Maxtor bundle includes a PCI card if you don’t have SATA in your PC.

You can buy a PATA-to-SATA converter for about $15 and run any IDE drive on a SATA port.

I know the original poster has sata on his motherboard, and I’m just asking out of curiosity, but if you used a pci sata card, since you are now going through the pci bus and are now sharing bandwith with other devices on the pic bus, not to mention that the card has to wait its turn against other devices on the pci bus, doesn’t that pretty much eliminate any performance advantage that sata would have given you?

@rdgrimes, on those pata to sata adapters, I have been using a couple that were specificlly designed to work with my abit motherboard and they work great, but do you have any recomendations for good generic ones that will work with any drive/motherboard?