Sata/ide writer?

Hi folks.

I’ve decided to buy a new dvd-burner, but as an almost computer ignorant I don’t know if I should buy a SATA drive or an ide drive. My motherboard is this:
Intel DG31PR.

Can one of you guys please help me?

The Intel specifications pdf file shows that your motherboard has 4 SATA ports and one ATA/IDE port that can support up to two drives.

You can use either type of optical drive in other words, as long as you have a free port to plug it into.

The choices are better for SATA drives however and many newer computers don’t offer an ATA/IDE connection at all. So, you’d probably be better off with a SATA drive unless you plan on using all four ports with hard drives.

The Samsung 24x drive is one of the better SATA drives from the last few years. Getting hard to find but it is still in stock here for a reasonably good price:

If you’d rather buy from Newegg, look at the Optiarc 7260/7261 models:

If you get a SATA drive, make sure you either have a SATA data cable (may have gotten extras with the motherboard) or order one to go with the drive. Your power supply should have SATA power connectors, but you can also get adapters that go from a regular molex power connection to SATA.

Thank you for the answer and advice. I’ll go for a SATA drive :slight_smile: