SATA HDD problems (WD)

Hello everybody. I´m here becouse I need help.

My problem is trying to install windows xp pro in my new Western Digital Sata HDD.

When start the boot from the xp pro CD, after a few seconds apear a message that said:

Press F6 key if you want to install an SCSI or Raid or other manufacturer.

I press this key, but nothing happens. After that other message apear and this said:

The file can not be load /i386/KDCOM.DLL.
The error code is 7
The installation program can not continued
Press any key to exit

I press any key and all this proces happen again.

I tryed to install this win xp pro in other HDD, with a IDE cord and happen the same thing.

I had to said, before try to install this windows in my pc, I had installed a window Vista using other HDD but the same motherboard.

If I try to install window Vista again, This installation DVD let me find the driver for to reconigze the device.

I really want to know what is happened whit that:sad:. So please If somebody can help me, I´ll be very thankful.:iagree:

Welcome to the forum, you changed from IDE to SATA? You will need to activate your bois and change some hardware settings. Can you post the make and model of your system and specs would help us help you better.

I tryed to install this win xp pro in other HDD, with a IDE cord and happen the same thing.[/QUOTE]

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

So, you tried both an SATA and IDE HDD with the same problem. Are you sure the problem isn’t with your XP Pro disc?

Also, details of your system (motherboard etc) will help, as THE C. suggested. :wink:

I´m sure that the CD programs are O.K. because I tryied 2 CD´s, and these work and other computers.

Thats are my specs:

ASRock Wolfdale 1333-D667
Intel Pentium Dual Core
1 Gb Ram
DVD Multi Recorder LG
Hard Drive Western Digital 1600 AABS CAVIAR
Power Suply 500W

…remember that I had instaled win vista ultimate on this board…

Thanks for help me, I´m very thankful…:slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome onboard Car/os. :iagree: :clap:
When you install Vista the SATA controller drivers are on the disc.
With Windows XP Pro, they are not.
When you press the f6 key, you need to have the drivers on a floppy*.
Fail to do this & Windows won’t find any drivers or see the HD.
*The dirvers should be on a CD that came with your motherboard.
If yoy don’t have the CD.
Go to the motherboard manufacturers site & download drivers.
When trying to install to the IDE HD, Vista may be ‘blocking’ some part of the process.
The error message means that an earlier install didn’t ‘install’ correctly.
Or has been corrupted.
Either use your Vista disc to repair the earlier installation.
Or start from scratch with a full format of your HD’s.

Just so you know, when you hit F6 nothing instantly happens, it just asks you to insert a floppy disk several screens later in the installation before it shows you the partitions.

Anyway if you are sure that the Window XP Pro discs are okay, I would test your memory before anything else. When you are getting your error, it is loading files to a RAM drive, not your hard disk drive. It only loads setup files on to the hard disk drive, after you choose a partition (where you format your drive).

If you memory passes, remove any additional PCI cards, Memory modules, etc. And try to install then.


if you pressed f6 then you should come to a load from floppy screen, if you didnt try again pressing f6 over and over while the messgae displayes in windows loading.

Else if yuor using a usb keyboard check its working under windows install if not use a ps2 just sounds like the buttons not being pressed.

some mobo’s dont support usb from boot and some mobo’s just dont do what they should sometiems, but you managed to press any key to boot to cd ? if so then mobo is seeing yuor keyboard, but if you have a ps2 worth trying.

Also FYI you can make yuor own windows xp install CD with all the drivers etc installed, as DELL does and i am sure other people do to, also if you have xp sp2 i beleave it will auto install sata drivers, hope that helps :slight_smile:

Still if yuor keybaord wasnt seen and you had one of the million mobo’s designed by an idiot it would have saidd no keyboard present press f1 to continue :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for be absent all that time.
Really I fallow that tips that you gave me, and I am very thaksful, but I never could solve my problem.
I try to do the same thing with other motherboards, but at the end I obtaind the same thing, nothing…
I try with an original XP pro installation CD, and in that time I could have acces to my HDD and start the installation, but how I had not the key, I could not did anything. After that I decide install win vista again, but after the installation procedure I get a new problem. When the installation finish, the system ask for do a reboot, but after that reboot vista never start again. When the system start to load windows, the system make a restart, and that happend again and again and again and that is a loop that never end.
The only thing that I know is that it is the first time that my HDD try to start with windows.

if you have a multimedia keyboard, make sure the F keys are not locked when you first start the computer. My Microsoft multimedia keyboard does this when it first boots up if you try using the F keys. I just have to press the F lock to unlock the keys and press the F key i need. You gotta be fast. Also check your memory to see what voltage its suppose to use. Check the manufactures website for the voltage of your model memory. My gigabyte mobo is set at 1.8 and my memory runs at 2.0 volts. You have to change this in the bios.
good luck