SATA HDD NOT detected



Howdy Folks,

Can some nice being advise me as to what my best plan would be to help with - ?

New WDC Blue Caviar 500GB SATA HDD is NOT being detected (zilch!), by my system;

My computer is an AMD Sempron 2004 with VIA chips, 2GB RAM, and ~+ 2GHz. The motherboard has 2 SATA ports.

I am now running, (only just…), Windows 7 home premium. Slowly improving, I think, (?), hmmm, maybe . . .

Really appreciate a little wisdom shared,

Thanks HEAPS,

David, Western Australia.


First we need to know the motherboard type and revision and firmware of it. Did you go to control panel and initialize the hard drive? Cause I know in W7 you have to first initialize the drive before you can detect or format it. And does your BIOS see the drive when you go to the bios setup? Cause if the bios setup can’t see the drive then you have a connection problem or the drive is not working?


Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Computer Management–>Disk Management.

Or you can just click on the Windows Key and R at the same time to bring up the Run dialog window and type in compmgmt.msc to get to the Computer Management window. Then open Disk Management.

You should be able to see the drive in Disk Management. If it isn’t initialized and formatted, it will have a black bar across the top of the entry. Right click on the listing for this disk (on the left side) and select Initialize Disk. Once that is done right click on the right side of this entry and click on “Create New Simple Volume”.


Looks like SATA2 incompatibility.

Try to change the HD jumper to operates at SATA1 ( 1.5Gb/s ). Old VIA chipsets supports only 1.5Gb/s ( SATA1 ) and had troubles with SATA speed negotiation.


Good catch zhadoom. I never had a Via chipset board.


Kerry, want a board with a Via CPU?

Seriously though Via Chipsets (or Via Drive controllers) are rather
common on AMD CPU MOBo, and frankly are one of the reasons I stick
to Intel/Intel boards.

Via Drive controllers are a personal synonym for aggrevation.



All modern AMD mainboards use AMD chipset in southbridge to support sata 1/2/3 . Stable behaviour but not top performance.
VIA chipsets are gone since slot 754/ 939 / first AM2 .
The last VIA southbridges doesn’t have problems with SATA2 drives ( VT8251 ).
Previous VIA southbridges ( VT8237, VT8235 ) are buggy and only support SATA2 drives if a jumper ( or software selected to SATA1 depending of the drive manufacturer ) to SATA1 speed.