Sata hdd jumper question



a friend of mine bought a new hdd and installed windows on it…but he didnt remove the jumper from it…so it runs on 1.5gb instead of 3gb or something like that…will there be any difference if he removes the jumper or wont it make much of a difference?


There’s a chance that the bios won’t recognize the drive. You could then try resetting the bios, that should work.

What drive is it? model and all.


its maxtor sata 320gb…but the bios should recognize since its just a jumper for the speed and not master/slave settings?



it depends on the Sata controller (and this is the reason why there is a speed jumper). Especially Via Sata controllers couldn’t handle the newer Sata II HDDs. To get such a HDD running, the drive must be set to the lower speed.

That said, make sure that the Sata controller is capable to deal with SataII HDDs. If not, then leave the jumper as is.

Additional note: I don’t see any noticeable advantage if the HDD operation mode is changed to “3GBps” via jumper.



sata1=150 mb/s
sata2=300 mb/s
average 300mb hdd =70mb/s

do the math

ps(the rest of the addons for sata 2 not really grat—ncq )


[QUOTE=Andrei;2095550]sata1=150 mb/s
sata2=300 mb/s
average 300mb hdd =70mb/s

Not exactly:

And while I’m in pedantic mode, megabytes per second is MB/s
and not mb/s which would be millibits per second :smiley: