Sata HD with ide hd

i bot a new sata 300 gb seagate drive , i installed my os and started using it, now i want to connect my old ide hd also … whenever i connect it , it tries to boot from old hd .

any suggestions to fix this ?

Go into the bios and select the drive you want to boot from

You probably have 2 drives that are set as “active”. If your BIOS does not have a setting to limit where it boots from, then you will have to find a way to wipe the drive before booting to windows. Likewise, if it contains a Windows installation, Windows will try to set up a dual-boot system, even if you are able to boot to the new drive.

There are a number of tools that run in DOS from floppies, which can format the old drive for you. You can even use a Windows CD

there is a drive priority order in bios , i set 1st drive to the sata , but the 160 gb ide drive
doesnt show up on windows

Is the 160 jumpered correctly for it’s location? (I assume you are now booting OK?)

well i set the hd order correctly , but i left the jumper on the ide drive in the first slot

can you let me know if you have this issue resolved? I have the same problem too, thx

i changed the ide cable , it works now , thanks for all the help
@juliabill ,make sure both ur drives appear in bios , set the order correctly (sata first)
dont remove jumper on ur ide drive