SATA hard drive noise, is it a problem?



I recently brought a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 SATA - ST3200822AS

However after the PC has been Idle(not being used for a while)/or switched on, and I start using my PC again my hard drive makes a noise, it only seems like a seek noise and its pretty loud. This can happen when i open Windows Explorer or any program that is installed.

After using my PC for say 5-10 the noise kind of fades away and is not heard again, if it is its only under a huge load and is very brief.

Is this problem because my hard drive has to like warm up or something?

I have ran a few hard drive checking programs and everything has came up fine, I have my hard drive in 3 partitions, the last one was for movie rips etc. This partition (last one) did come up with a error at one stage but after a reformat it has been fine since…

So does anyone know if there is a problem with my drive?

Is there a program I can use to test it besides seagate tools?

Thanks for any help…


It could be a problem so I would suggest that you back up any important data as soon as possible. I just a SATA drive start making a clunk-whir noise when playing games so I have RMA’s it.

It passed all the hard drive tests I could through at it, but it still froze up occasionly when playing a game. Removed it and now the system doesn’t freeze in the same games.

Best not to take chances with you data


I am experiencing no crashing or anything, the drive is actually working fine in that aspect, its not a clunking or clicking nise either…