SATA hard drive connection

I need some way to connect a normal IDA HDD to a SATA 2.5 connector. What do I need to buy?

You can get an IDE to SATA adapter, like these two at Newegg:

I have no personal experience with these types of devices however, so I won’t guarantee results.

Edit: Hmm looks like the second one is the other way round, so I’ll delete it. You’ll have to be careful which type of device it accepts apparently.

I know you can get SATA to IDE converters that will allow you to plug SATA drives into an IDE port. Presumably, it’s possible to go the other way. Try googling “IDE to SATA converter” and do some mouse-work.



Yes i looked at them and other ones but im not sure you understand me. I need a CABLE that can connect to a SATA port on a PC, to a USB port or IAD HDD.

I’m not sure what an IAD HDD is. Do you mean an older style IDE/PATA hard drive?

If so, these adapters fit between a normal SATA data cable and the IDE hard drive. One end of the SATA cable connects to a SATA port on the motherboard and the other end of the SATA cable fits into the adapter.

Yes, i did mean IDE/PATA.
Thanks! ill follow your advice

But im sorta worried about how the SATA data cable wouldn’t fit the sata port but it would only fit a SATA HDD. Where could i find one that fits a SATA port and a sata hdd.

The connectors on SATA cables are the same on both ends.

Every now and then you’ll see one that is L shaped on one end, and straight on the other, but the actual electrical connection is the same.

Connecting a IDE 2.5" HDD to your SATA connector on your laptop will not work period. As already stated in one of your other threads you need to just go buy the correct drive.

Uh… no. Thats not what i mean. I want to connect a normal sized IDE HDD to a 2.5 SATA connector

Or 2.5 inch sata connector to USB

Uh…ok… just take a whole bunch of wires and jam them in all the holes in the SATA connector and solder the other end of the wire to the pins on the 3.5" IDE HDD… "Yeah! That’s the ticket! …

I could do that but the connector is open, meaning that i cant just jam them

If you have been talking about laptops, this whole thread has been a waste of time and effort.

Jethro was being sarcastic you know.

It is possible to put an IDE hard drive in an external enclosure and connect it to a laptop with a usb cable.

DUH!! i have a 4 yr old device that does that!

Then I suggest you use it.

And no… Im not trying to talk about laptops. I have a broken laptop and it apearantly needs a new HDD to work. I dont have a SATA HDD so i was wondering if i could buy some cheap connectors from ebay to test if my theary is true without buying a new hdd (or laptop)

I need a sata HDD

[QUOTE=vlad4242;2464048]I need a sata HDD[/QUOTE]

True. You need a SATA laptop drive if the laptop requires that interface.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2464053]True. You need a SATA laptop drive if the laptop requires that interface.[/QUOTE]