SATA DVD Writers?

I’ve just converted my hard drives to SATA and would like to get rid of those nasty IDE cables completely.

Has anyone announced an SATA DVD Writer yet?

Is there any technical reason why they would want to stick with PATA (IDE)?


Okay I’ve just seen an announcement about some new Plextors but they’re pretty expensive.

Are there any models at more affordable prices?

The SATA burners have been nothing but trouble for many people, which is partly why nobody is making them. Very few SATA controllers will properly support ATAPI devices, hense the problems. Unless you run an Intel chipset-based SATA controller, you might want to avoid these drives for now. Also, many people have been unable to install Windows from a SATA drive, so if your SATA controller requires a driver for Windows, consider that too.

Plextor still makes and sells them (PX712SA & PX716SA), but search the Plextor forum to see all the problems people have had with them, even with compatible chipsets/controllers. Not sure if they’ll be making SATA models for the newly announced drive (PX760).

Oh … and you have to use your mobo’s onboard sound, too. There is no digital or analog connector to plug into your sound card. SATA burners have literally no benefits and quite a few problems.