Sata dvd writer on sil 3112 sata controller

My motherboard is an abit NF7-S version 2.It has a sil 3112 sata controller.

If I buy a sata dvd writer will it work fine without problems on my motherboard?

it took them (sil) 2 years to get the drivers right for sata hard drives, I doubt that
sata optical drives will work

I could NOT get it to work - just purchased a Rosewill RC-215, hoping maybe this one will support it.

Here was my issue. After (finally) getting the computer to boot properly with properly installed drivers, I could burn DVDs, but I couldn’t watch them. CDs ran fine. Plugged the DVD writer into the motherboard, and I could watch just fine.

Be careful with these stupid 3112 controllers, I had problems with booting even after uninstalling. I had to uninstall the drivers, reboot with the card still in the PCI slot, uninstall the drivers AGAIN, shut down, remove the card, wouldn’t boot, added the card, booted, uninstalled the drivers AGAIN, shut down, removed the card, and it finally worked.

Oops, my bad. Yours is onboard. No idea about that.

Never had problems with the 3x12 cards when flashed with base BIOS.

Why did you buy a VIA-based controller card?

The 3112A is VIA-based?

[quote=evo69;2145757]The 3112[B]A[/B] is VIA-based?[/quote]I think he is referring to the Rosewill RC-215 which is also mentioned above:)

[QUOTE=mciahel;2145784]I think he is referring to the Rosewill RC-215 which is also mentioned above:)[/QUOTE]

My bad. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been using a 3112A with no problems - most probably because I use the BASE SATALink firmware, not the RAID version. Pretty good for the price I must say.

I’m surprised, 3112 should work fine.

Hi. Check this

First update the driver and then update the bios.

Edit: Ooops! I just noticed that the first post is more than a year old. Anyway, I hope it might help someone in the future.