Sata DVD Burner

I’m sure you guys get this all the time, people creating an account just to sign on and ask “What’s the best DVD Burner”

What I’m looking for really is more of a comparison of burners. Specifically, I’m looking at sata burners since I’m on the P35 chipset.

A few years back when I bought my current DVD burner there was a huge difference in quality and there were a few models like my BenQ that stood out from the rest. Is this still the case or have things leveled out?

I’ve searched around on Tom’s Hardware and Anandtech, but no one seems to be reviewing burners any more, and haven’t in quite a while.

I saw a few items listed in the ‘Top 5’ section on the hardware page here, are those truly my best options, or are there other drives I should consider?

Thanks for your time

If you look on our cdfreaks home page, you will see a REVIEWS section… There are reviews for many burners there. Start there…

I didn’t even see the Reviews tab, I’ll check it out thanks

Here you go - DoMi also gave you the link in the Chatbox.

BTW, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies, i must have missed the reply in the chatbox, but did find the review section.

The Samsung SH-S203 looks like a good drive.

Indeed…I have one myself :slight_smile: