SATA drives

Why are there so few SATA CD/DVD writers? When will we see the same prices for SATA drives as we do for IDE ones?


When Intel, AMD, VIA, SiS, NVidia, ATi, etc. begin to support SATA drives and stop supporting PATA. Until there is a serious reason for ODD makers to move to SATA, they won’t. :slight_smile:

Yeah, despite what you might think, demand for SATA optical drives is low. Consumer demand is nothing compared to OEM demand.

So why are all the HDD makers willing to move to SATA and not ODD? SATA has been out 2 years or so. There are a ton of motherboards that support SATA. We’re getting ready to see SATA 2.0 They need to get their act together. Plextor is the only one with a SATA drive out but its $190 and doesnt include dl.

It’s just not worth $190 for that drive even if it can handle 12x DVD+R Not when NEC has a 8x DVD+R DL drive out for $70 :a

The motherboards that support SATA also supports PATA when even two PATA HDDs configured as one RAID 0 array can outperform almost any SATA HDD, therefore, the conservative users want to stay with PATA.

I don’t know many motherboards that support SATA ODDs without problems. If there are, please recommend me some. I have six PATA2SATA converters.

Uhm, I don’t know what you’ve read about SATA but it will not improve performance of an hdd and I certainly miss the point in comparing a single drive to a raid array irregardless of interface. SATA on the other hand offers nice features such as hotswap (which also a few hi-end P-ATA RAID cards support), slim cables, no more master and slave jumpers etc.
What chipsets have trouble with odds using S-ATA? Apparently Intel works well and I presume that SiS and VIA does the same.

My Asus A7N8X with a built in Si3112 controller works well with the SOHR-52A8S.

Yeah throw a bunch of drives in yer puter and those s-ata cables are oh so nice!

None of what I have seems to work. :frowning: