SATA Drives

OK I am ready to buy my ODD drives now and need some top quality advice.

I want it to be SATA drives. Also note if I missed a good drive rexommend it but I only want SATA drives though. Thanks in advance. :smiley:

I want the best and yet the fastest reader for one drive and I want to get the best and fastest writer for the writing drive, although I don’t do the speeds for my collection but would like to join in on some forums for log wars and speed shows ect… So Quality and speed is the ket I am looking for. I have a few I was looking at and thos are :

I would probably go with the Samsung although I really do not think any of them are ready for prime time yet.:confused:

As a quality read or writer or both? I heard allot of praise on the Pioneer’s 212D’s as far as burning goes?

I would suggest the LO (for reader and quality scanner) and an LG-H62L (for the burner). I have a Samsung 183L and it’s a slow reader and burns some good media at slower speeds but you can use MCSE to change the write speeds. My LG-H62L burns fast and very good at it.

Some here will suggest the Pioneer and i have no experience with it.

You cannot buy the LG at Newegg. Only at BB for now…

Yes litey’s are well know the best readers. as for the LG I want one but newegg doesn’t have any SATA ones?

I can have 3 Drives so I may get a third as well.

Edit I saw your edit. :smiley: Thanks I’ll look this week at it. As I have a local BB here.

Get a Pioneer,LO,and LG and that would make a good 3 some for now :slight_smile:

LG at BB isn’t too bad 49.99. I just may do that rolling.

My wife would kill me but i’d like to get the Pioneer to add to my collection :iagree:

That’s what I meant when I said I just may do that. As I have the tower to hold up to 3 internal ODD’s.

This all in all was my line of thinking on what to get I read allot hear and since sata is new to me I thought I’d ask the guru’s forum on this to be sure.

oh hell your a guru here to me :slight_smile: You know what’s going on :iagree:

Those are my choices. See what someone else has to say.

Yea I am just afraid there isn’t too many sata users just yet as it is still relativity new. Kipper or Alan may post their opinions I do know Kipper is a great reviewer though and Arachne will definitely state get a litey as I know this is their favorite, :smiley:

There’s a few of us that have them. The LO is pretty much all you can get for a scanner right now. So that’s a gimme in my respect. I still have some IDE drives in my new build and the LO 20A1P is one of them plus 2 BenQ’s. If i was going all SATA like you …you need a LO SATA for reading and scanning if you scan your discs.

samsung, pioneer or LG all excellent burners

i would personally stay as far away from that those note Lite-on as possible

Rolling’s suggestion sounds solid to me; I am currently running the 212D and the H62L in this system and thats a great combination. I am leaning more towards the LG as the best of the two at this time. The Samsung performs nicely also.

ok…what do suggest for the Dr. to scan with? Don’t say a Samsung as i have one :disagree:

I see from your sig you have no SATA burners :rolleyes: and have had bad luck with LO’s :iagree:

i had horrible experience with lite-on

plus all those drives in my sig are running in sata mode, thanks to ide-sata adapter.

in 3 machines

Thanks for everyones opinions and suggestions, LO’s won’t be truly needed but never know when I will be asked to show a scan. A speed reader and if I go slower quality reader is a must. A speed writer and if I go slower a quality writer is a must. As more drives comes out I may try them as well seeing a good review that is.

@nekrosoft13, thanks as well but you said all of your burners are sata? How’s that when you have a pioneer 112? those are EIDE or IDE from my searchings? The pio. that’s a sata is a 221 model.

i use this

not sure if its the same model, mine is based on jmicro chip.

got it for 5 bucks on ebay

I see now thanks for the clarification. Although just my opinion that takes away of actually using a SATA drive as the drive or drives themselves are IDE’s. Like I said not being mean just an opinion. :smiley:

i know what you mean, i’m waiting for LG to release the new SATA version of 55L and waiting for Samsung to start releasing their new 20x sata model.

but for now it works just fine.

plus i might pick up the pioneer DVR-212 soon. I just need to confirm if Labelflash will work with crossflash firmware.

i really need a pioneer, in the past i had DVDs that nothing else could read, while pioneer still managed. great drives :bow: