SATA Drives Worth It?



Hi! I use to own a SATA Plextor 716 and it sucked. But then again, it was (I think) one of the first SATA DVD Burner.

How are they today? Is it mostly dependent on the sata controller or stick with IDE?



if your system is equipped with native IDE (not additional controllers like on recent Intel boards) controllers, then stick with IDE. There is no advantage with SATA drives. Leave them to the owners of Intel chipset boards :bigsmile:



Thanks for your reply!!

I know there’s no advantages for sata over ide :slight_smile: but the mobo (evga 680i) that i’m getting supposedly has problems with ide as well. that’s why i’m thinking about getting SATA again but it sucked 2 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Jeffito123,

I have a Intel board with native IDE. And I have had lots of problems. So now I also wanna try out S-ATA. I was thinking about the Plextor PX-760SA.


Well, from my expierence, plextor SUCKS at SATA.


I hate those PATA ribbon cables so I just got a Liteon 16a7. I had to buy a PCI to SATA board cuz I ran out of SATA ports. I got the Rosewill RC-209 (SiI 3114) and everything works like a charm.

I haven’t done enough burns to compare it with my other drives, but so far it seems okay, and I love those SATA cables.

I may be the only guy on my block with a DMA mode 5 burner. Now if I can crank this thing up to 32x I’ll really have someting :slight_smile:



Are the IDE ports of that mainboard provided by a 3rd party controller? Then get a SATA drive. You should make sure, the SATA ports are [B]not[/B] configured as RAID, as this is often the main source of trouble.

btw: I have a Samsung SHW163A SATA DVDRW connected to my onboard Promise controller. No problems so far.


I’ve a LG SATA burner (GSA-H31L) on a Foxconn Intel 946GZ board. Installing XP and Linux was no problem without additional drivers. Also LightScribe labeling did not cause any problems.