SATA drives that support Advanced Disc Quality?

Are there any SATA drives that support the Advanced Disc Quality option in Nero CDspeed or Opti Drive Control? I found an old thread about it, but it only mentions PATA drives.

Only BenQ drives using the Nexperia chipset can do it. And they all are PATA drives. You can find used DW1640 or DW1650 or one of their clones in good condition and try SATA-PATA bidirectional converter. I have the information that disc quality scanning will work with these converters on LiteOn drives, theoretically BenQ drives also should work with them well.

I’ve purchased a few of the DW1640/DW1650 clones from ebay. I also ordered a PCIe IDE adapter, so we’ll see how it all works once I receive them.

PCIe IDE adapter? It will work great, without any doubts :slight_smile:

Which PCIe to IDE chipset have you had a positive experience with? JMB36x?

I’ve checked LiteOn disc quality scanning with ORIENT J363SIR board, it worked good. I haven’t check Nexperia drives with that controller board but I think it will work fine as well with these drives.