SATA Drive for audio ripping + DVD burning



[QUOTE=cholla;2698102]@ Stereodude , As I posted above the external I have an IDE drive in doesn’t burn an Audio CD.
In has a Samsung drive in it but I’m sure the problem is the External case chip & not the drive.
Have you tried &/or found an external case that will work with the BenQ DW1650 ?
If you ever decide to try that route & find that it’s chip will burn an Audio CD please post it.[/QUOTE]After getting a power brick with the wrong end from a Chinese ebay seller and subsequently soldering the right end on the cord… I tried the DW1650 in my external enclosure and it worked fine. It even burnt an Audio CD. The enclosure uses a Cypress CY7C68300C-56PVXC chipset.


[QUOTE=Stereodude;2698133]I’ll try it in my external enclosure when the new replacement power brick I ordered shows up. The old power brick went wonky and damaged 3 of my IDE drives. :a[/QUOTE]

What happened to drives?


[QUOTE=blackened2687;2698575]What happened to drives?[/QUOTE]They were exposed to a power supply that had a unstable sagging 5V rail (below 4V) and a 12V rail that wasn’t stable and exceeded 12V. The 12V rail would bounce around up and down. I saw numbers as high as 17V on my digital multimeter which doesn’t autorange all that quickly, so it was probably worse.

Now, the drives when fed good power behave as follows:
The worst of the 3, my beloved ND-3540A which was exposed to the bad brick the longest makes all sorts of “bad” noises now when trying to load a disc. When it started to misbehave it would just stop writing mid burn while the software seemed to think everything went fine. The 7200A I tried next can’t complete a burn either. The laser seems to turn off and on during the burn. The 2nd 7200A seems to work fine until you try to burn a DVD faster than 8x in which case you get a disc with very, very high error rates.