SATA disk won\'t show up in BIOS. (Samsung Spinpoint F DT, HD502IJ , 500GB)



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SpinPoint F1 Desktop Class HD502IJ - hard drive - 500 GB - SATA-300. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I recently bought a Samsung HD502IJ 500GB SATAII harddisk drive. My problem is that it won’t show up in bios. I have been using and IDE 80GB harddisk as master drive and I want the SATA drive to be extra storage space. I plugged all the cables correctly. I have a P5ND2-SLI mobo. I am thinking that it doesn’t support SATAII somehow. What do you think could be the problem. I can provide more information about my PC if you’d like. Please help.:rolleyes:


Anyone? My computer acts as if the HDD is not even there. I do not know what I did wrong.


I’m pretty sure that mb supports SataII. In your bios, do you have it set up for raid? You might want to set it to IDE/Native mode or try using JBOD.


Thanks for the reply. The SATA controllers were disabled. I enabled them and now I can see the harddisk in BIOS. What I cannot do is find the proper drivers for WinXP Pro. Any suggestions?

I checked the manufacturer’s download page related to my mobo. I don’t see controller drivers there, am I missing something?


Glad you have one problems solved. As for drivers, they should be on the CD that came with the motherboard. The disk itself doesn’t need anything special but you will need the chipset drivers. If you don’t have the Cd I’m sure you can find them at the Asus website, there might even be some updated drivers for that MB.


Is this what I am looking for:
Description: Make nVidia nForce Chipset SATA RAID Driver Disk.

I am not using RAID as I have only one SATA HDD. Or is my mobo set to use RAID and I don’t know about it? Would the HDD even show up if RAID was enabled? If I do not have anything to do with RAID where can I find the regular non-RAID chipset drivers?

This is my first SATA experience I have many questions so please bare with me.


First off, are you having trouble formatting the disk now? You set up RAID in the bios, you are not required to use it but the option should be there. You can check if the driver is already installed by going to Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager. Go to the SCSI/RAID controller, right click, select properties, then select driver and see what is listed there. You can install the chipset driver if needed and you shouldn’t have any problems.


When WinXP opens it finds new hardware called “NVIDIA nForce4 Intel Edition Serial ATA Controller” It tries to install the driver and asks for a CD called “SRCDATA”, I click cancel as I do not have the CD. And then it says the hardware could not be properly installed. In the device manager there are not any yellow exclamation marks as one would expect after a failed driver installation. When I click SCSI/RAID Controllers, there are two:

D347PRT SCSI Controller uses d347prt.sys and seems to be working fine
VAXSCSI Controller uses vaxscsi.sys and seems to be working fine

I can see my HDD under harddisk drives but not in My Computer. So this is the case. What should I do now? By the way I REALLY appreciate your help. Thank you.


Further data: It asks for nvata.sys, I locate it in the system32/drivers folder then it says that it couldn’t copy idecoi.dll and asks if I want to continue without copying. I say no as I do not want to mess things up. Corrupt drivers and such leads to more important errors and if I see a blue screen I might kill someone. Please help.


You have a couple of options. There must be some sort of install program on the driver disk for your motherboard. You can just run it and reinstall the drivers from there. Another option is to remove the raid controller from the device manager, reboot windows and it will say it has found new hardware and is searching for the drivers. You can let windows install the drivers or you can select ‘have disk’ and then point windows to the cd with your drivers on it. Since this drive is not your boot drive and is on the sata channel you will not muck up anything by doing this.


Here’s what I did: I downloaded “Make nVidia nForce Chipset SATA RAID Driver Disk” from asus’ website then copied the idecoi.dll to system32/drivers and when it asked me to locate nvata.sys i did. This time it just said that the driver installation was complete. I restarted the system. I can now see Serial ATA Controllers properly installed in device manager. When I right click and choose properties I can see my HDD there as Primary Master. I still cannot see my HDD in My Computer. What should I do?

Sorry for the delayed reply by the way it was 2.30am here i fell asleep.



Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management > Right Click on the new drive > Start Disk > Right Click on unoartitioned part > rest is easy

Whappo thank you for your help. I can now see 3 155GB partitions in My Computer. I am so happy. Thank you CD Freaks.