SATA Card...does it matter which one i get?

i was looking at some SATA cards and i see they’re from like $13 and up…so does it matter if i get a cheap card or an expensive card? all i need is a 2 port SATA card…so would a cheap one work fine for me?
here’s a cheap one lol:

first of you should be aware that 98% of sata cards doesnt support cd-dvd drives they work with hard drives only , will it work for you? probably , but will it last long? cant really say syba is a crappy brand and as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”… never except too much from a cheap product , i suggest youll stick with quality brands (promise/siig)

so which ones will work with both dvd drives and hd’s?

Well since you wanting to use sata card how many free sata or pata connectors do you have free on your motherboard? If you have free pata connector I would place the dvd drive on those unless they are sata and if you have sata put the dvd drive on the sata connectors. But I will wait to see what you tell me how many free connectors and what kind you have on your mother board. Are you wanting to go raid sata or just plain sata?

i dont have any free pata connectors on my mother board, i dont have any sata connectors on my mother board…and only interested in plain sata

well don’t buy any card with raid support. If you do get one with RAID you will have to look at either manufacture website or chipset website to see if they have a bios available to reflash the card.

according to this thread
Adaptec 1205SA should work with cd-dvd drives , however it will cost you quite a bit (44-47$) , that store mentioned in the thread no longer have it and i couldnt find it any lower then 44$ on google