Sata cable types?

I noticed that there seems to be couple kinds of Sata cables some have metal connectors on both end and some that doesn’t have on either end and some saying they are 3.0 Sata cable. Does it really matter which one I get?? There to much cables making it confusing to know what to get and look for.

For what I know there are only two types of connectors: SATA and [B]e[/B]SATA.

The SATA connector has a “L” shape, whereas the eSATA one is stright.

Take a look here and here :slight_smile:

The metal clip that some cable have is only to make connection more stable, because to unplug the cable you must press the little clip first. Gigabyte includes these cables in their mainboards.

About SATA3, I don’t know if there is a special type of cable actually :frowning:

SATA cables come in both straight and “L” shapes, eSATA only stright Most eSATA have the little clip.

ok…on a related matter to the sata side is there a way to verify if I am using sata 3.0 transfer speed or find out what speed it set at so I am getting the most use of my sata cable?

I think that the only way to know the real connection speed is to use a benchmark tool like HDTune or Everest.