SATA cable to install the hard drive

I have not been able to find correct sata cable to install this hard drive. I have DELL OPTIPLEX desktop with SATA cables whi arenot of the same size with this hard disk. Besides, there is no where in this hard drive to connect power cable

Please post make and model of the hard drive.
It would also assist if you told us where you live so we can advise the best place to find what is required.
Have you tried Amazon?

Thanks weedougie. I have tried ebay and ebuyer. I have some SATA communication cables apart from the ones on the motherboard but they are too small for the hard drive. The hard drive has SATA 40 -pin.
I live in Liverpool, UK.
The hard disk is Seagate SUN ST336607FC

Where did you get this drive?
It is a Fibre Channel interface from a blade server unit.
Will not work on a regular PC.

Hi :slight_smile:
I believe what you want is SCA-2 connector.
As the HDD you mention is “fibre optics” & not SATA.

Although SCA-2 is the official name for this connector, it is often called SCA-40 to distinguish it by its pin count from other similar connectors.

Didnt I just say that??? LOL

Just throwing in a little humor, Zeb.

Thanks everybody who have contributed on this issue so far. I can see that the hard drive is a Fibre Channel interface from a blade server unit. Knowledge is power truly !