SATA Cable Question

Hey all, first post, so i apologize in advance if im posting in the wrong spot or making any other mistakes…

I recently bought a Samsung SH-S203b, and being the newbie I am, didn’t realize the SATA cables weren’t coming with the drive. So, my question is WHICH SATA cable to get(and power cable?), and if possible, from what vendor? Initially i thought there was a standard power and also standard SATA cable, with respect to the number of pins. Upon reading up on this however, im fairly confused. Thanks for the help!

hopefully your computer is a newer model and has extra sata connections from the motherboard and an extra sata power lead from the power supply?

any sata data cable should work

Thanks for your quick reply! I have 3 extra SATA connections, and an available power supply connection. However, I just found out, unfortuantley, that the way my dell is built, the extra power supply connection cannot reach my HD AND the new SATA Dvd burner. I have looked online, and found a Molex 4 pin -> SATA power supply adapter. So if you could…is this alright for me to do, or will this complicate things, and secondly, is there a reputable place to buy such an adapter, or is it the same everywhere? Thanks again!

How much extra length do you need on the power cable? Newegg has some SATA to SATA power cables that would extend your current power cable by 8 inches or so and give an extra SATA connector on the end. Here is the link

Or you could just get a molex to SATA power adapter. Either way should work.

Newegg is a very reputable place for buying computer parts if you are in the US. Zipzoomfly would be an alternative site with a good reputation.

Did you find an extra SATA data cable? If not, you can order those also.

Thanks for your help! I actually bought a SATA cable from best buy, what a rip off! Im getting the power cable + the SATA cable for less than the one i bought. Thanks again!