SATA Burners

I am looking for a burner to go in my new machine:

E4300, 2GB GeIL Ultra, Gigabyte DS3.

I preferrably want it to be sata (much neater cabling etc) but don’t have much money, having just spent it all on the above PC. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found this:

anyone know if this is any good?

I have had the most success with the samsung 183L.

That looks pretty nice, in my price range as well.

Found some more options:,11,79&n=2078

is there a throughput increase with SATA ???

no, IDE is more than fast enough…

It just looks neater. My DS3 has its single IDE port right down the bottom, so the ribbom cable has to go right through the ribbon of the case, which is runining airflow.

Seeing as I am getting a burner anyway, I thought I may as well go SATA.
Went for a 7170 in the end, hope it’s a good’un. :smiley: