SATA Burners, what..why..when

CDfreaks news had a peice today on a manuf that had come out with a SATA burner. What is SATA going to do for burning hardware? Are limitation on speed and quality mostly based on media and reaching a limit on spinup? How is SATA going to help burning hardware?

Just throwing this out there to see what you guys know.


SATA does nothing for burning speed or quality. The only advantage it offers is the fact that the drive is not sharing a port. So you have a few advantages for how you can use the drive.

Current SATA controllers mostly do not correctly support ATAPI commands, so it’ll be some time before SATA burners will be usable with tools like KProbe and CDSpeed, and firmware flashing may also be an issue with some controllers.

SATA burners are more or less necessary if we ever want to get rid of the IDE-bus, which should simplify the mainboards significantly as the IDE-connectors takes up quite a lot of space.

So SATA-burners are more of an system-wide advancement than anything else, it certainly won’t give you better burning.


Could be different if you had four SATA channels instead of two PATA channels on the motheboard. It does give you better burning depending on the configuration. Intel 915G motherboard plus a Celeron D 520 processor cost less than US$200 and still give you four SATA channels which one can use like the this:

SATA ch. 1: Boot OS HDD
SATA ch. 2: Secondary HDD
SATA ch. 3: ODD
SATA ch. 4: Secondary ODD

How many times have we answered people complaning about IDE conflicts and lower speeds due to disabled DMA and sharing one IDE channel for two devices?