SATA burners on VIA 8237 or Promise 378...when?



Anyone know when VIA or Promise are going to update the bios on their SATA controllers to allow for SATA dvd burner support?

I just bought a Plextor 716SA while unaware of the compatability issues and now I’m stuck with a drive that can only do PIO mode…it’s a big hunk of useless plastic in my computer until the compatability issues are resolved. I know this is the best burner on the market today…but I can’t use it!

I’ve upgraded my bios, all my drivers, firmware on the drive, done everything and to my knowledge neither VIA or Promise have it listed anywhere as a known issue. As far as I know it’s been like this for more than a year now?

On my VIA 8237 (Asus K8V Deluxe) the drive shows up and it works but I can’t even burn anything without high chance of failure because of PIO mode. When I plug it into the promise 378 it won’t even recognize it! If SATA is the future, then why aren’t these companies doing anything to resolve issues? I heard the same thing exists with the older 712SA drive and that one was released a long time ago.

Anyone know of any beta drivers or bios revision that fix this?


Welcome to the forum, beerninja.

It’s a known issue:

but the only workaround seems to be either:

-Get a newer Promise SATA controller card
-Swap the PX716SA with an IDE version (if the retailer allows it)

Since the drive is seen (but in PIO mode) it’s not a cabling issue as is sometimes the case. I think SATA was originally intended for hard discs only; even if a 32X DVD burner came out, it would be nowhere close to maxing out the throughput of a SATA channel.

Asus is an excellent mobo manufacturer … what do they say about it?


I guess that’s what I get for only upgrading my computer once every 3 years… I go to buy the newest motherboard at the time (which was the K8V Deluxe) and of course it included technology that wasn’t developed yet. That’s why I don’t want to buy a new motherboard with PCI express because I’m sure it will get revamped completely soon for one reason or another.

It will cost more to buy a new controller than to send the drive back so I suppose I’ll call up Newegg and attempt a return…

I think I learned a lesson from all this…that is to buy mediocre old hardware once every three years instead of new rip-off hardware with unstable technology. :sad:


Actually, the lesson you learned here is to do your research before you buy something. You’re a little slow out of the gate apparently, as this issue has been around for quite a while. The VIA 8237 and other older chipsets will NEVER support optical SATA devices. For more info on the compatibility issues check here: