SATA Burners + AHCI



Well, I searched the forums for SATA and AHCI, but not much info is
available. Someone said that SATA with optical drives is still “uncharted
waters” for many people. How true … :bigsmile:

What struck me is that it was often recommended that because AHCI could
cause problems for SATA burners, it should be disabled.
I’m thinking of going IDE-free in the future (not now, but sometime soon
when I build a new computer), but I wouldn’t want to have to disable
AHCI and run the controller in IDE legacy mode.

So my question is: Are there people who have SATA recorders
working fine with AHCI enabled in the BIOS ?

What mainboard chipsets / optical drives are recommended, and which ones
are known to cause problems with AHCI ?
I read, for example, that an Intel chipset (ICH7 / ICH8) + a Plextor SATA
drive is not a good combination …
What Is a good combination then ? I’m especially interested in what works fine
with recent Intel chipsets.

Any comments helping to avoid the perils of the uncharted waters of
SATA will be very much appreciated :p.



anyone ? :wink:


I’ve been able to run Plextor SATA burners (755SA and 760SA) on the P965+ICH8R combo with SATA set to AHCI with no problems, though currently I am running them off an add-in card to save some SATA ports for more HDDs. The only real issue I had was with Plextor’s PlexTools software, but updating the burners to the latest firmware and PlexTools to the latest version corrected things.


Thx Two Degrees, that sounds promising. P965+ICH8R is the combo I wanted to buy,
good to know that it works.