SATA burner with lightscribe & scanning ability?



I want to buy a sata burner to be used with my laptop (PCMCIA->SATA).

I would really like to buy a LIteON for their scanning capabilities, but i also want Lightscribe. However, the latest LiteON LiteOn LH-20A1S SATA does not support Lightscribe. LiteOn will very likely bring out the same model with lightscribe later, but was there an announcement yet?

The only other option would be the Asus DRW-1814BLT (black, Lightscribe) Retail 18 / 8 / 8 fach 18 / 6 / 8 fach 16 / 48 fach Serial ATA/150.
As Asus does not produce drives, my question is: What make is this drive originally? Is it a rebadged Pioneer? But does Pioneer not support Labelflash instead of Lightscribe?
Another point is the scanning: The older 1612 supports scanning, but will the new 1814 do it as well and is as good as the scanning abilities of genuine LiteOn drives or is the drive just a waste of time as PIO/PIF scanner?

Any help or comments are highly welcome!


I don’t think there’s any external SATA burners yet (for use with a PCMCIA->SATA PC-card).


I take a ‘normal’ Sata burner, of course. I only need an external power supply, which is no problem at all. It is a bit weird that Sata and eSata have different cable plugs, but i have now found a shop that sells all sorts of sata cables (sata->sata, sata->eSata, and eSata->eSata), so connection no longer is a problem. Btw, the pcmcia sata card comes with ‘normal’ internal sata sockets, despite the fact that it is used externally.


I will need to make the same decision too. I want to get a new burner and I think it makes more sense to get SATA and Lightscribe so not to upgrade again any sooner.

I’ve been using Liteon for years and I’m happy with them. Kinda disappointed their LH-20A1 series doesn’t have SATA + Lightscribe model, but only EIDE + Lightscribe (LH-20A1H).

Will Liteon release a SATA + Lightscribe soon?
(edit: I just noticed someone mentioned LH-20A1L in other post but I couldn’t find this model in official site, is it OEM only?)

Instead of the ASUS, there is another choice, Samsung SH-S183L, both of them are SATA + Lightscribe.


No one responded, so I answered my own question.
Finally NewEgg has the LH-20A1L (SATA + Lightscribe). That will be what I’m going to get.


just orderder the LH-20A1L-05 - OEM from newegg today, hope it arrives tomorrow, newegg is usually quick on shipping. been using an nec-3500 forever with no probs but wanted a new sata drive. hopefully it’s a decent solution.