SATA Burner Problems on Win2k

Recently I got a SYBA SD-SATA-4P PCI card with SIL3114 chupset for my PC, and everything works fine in Win2k with SATA hard drive connected. However, I get “Stop: 0X0000001E(0XC0000005,0XEB0717A6,0X00000000,0X00000028) KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED” just after the Windows 2000 Professional screen while booting when SATA burner is attached. This is on a multi-boot system with Win98SE and WinXP plus Win2k. Both WinXP and Win98SE boot fine with hard drive and SATA burner connected. SIL3114 drivers were installed for all 3 Windows versions before before attaching any SATA drive.

WinXP required a repair install before it would boot even to the hard drive, and I thought repair install may be the solution for Win2k. However, the same error is given after the first restart during repair install. I then had to restore a recent backup image of C drive to be able to boot to Win98SE or WinXP because it kept trying that repair install restart with no boot menu to select.

Is Win2k incompatible with SATA adapter cards, or is there a solution for this problem? Another option I considered is to do a limited and separate WinXP install to replace the Win2k install. Would WinXP need to be activated again if a separate install were done, and are there any problems with having 2 separate WinXP installs?

Sorry for a No-Reply. It took a week to check with everyone to see if they’d ever loaded SATA into a Win2K box. No. None have. “We remember seeing SATA Drivers… well, I THINK I remember seeing some…” but no one was certain. “All IDE still…”

Whereas a SATA HDD might have tolerance to slower responses to Writes and Re-Write requests, a CD-DVD burner will have far lower tolerance for stalls. I have a feeling a newer SATA Burner might have a hard time understanding why the OS won’t refill the buffer ‘more promptly’.

There may be some academic fun in wiping out the hard-drive entirely and reloading Win2K from scratch, clean and full FORMAT, etc., and load the drivers from there. IF F6 would even allow the SATA Burner to be recognized as the Installing Drive in the first place. It should.

In a perfect world.

I finally figured out what the cause of the problem was when I tried to a Win2k repair install. For some unknown reason the Win2k install disk was seeing the current Win2k installation on a different drive letter than where it was originally installed, and Win2k was probably looking for it on the original drive letter when it was trying to load. I’ve no idea what may have caused this odd behavior. Also it’s odd that WinXP stilll recognized correct drive for Win2k already installed while Win98SE recognized original Win2k install on the different drive just as Win2k Setup did. Go figure!

Anyway the problem was finally fixed by first deleting some partitions, then recreating them to get Win2k to see its target partition as the correct drive letter, and finally doing a fresh Win2k install. This fixed all Win2k issues, and all SATA drives are now correctly recognized.

However, WinXP would not boot after that because in multi-boot Windows systems the OSs must be installed from oldest, next to oldest to newest as some may know and others may not know. I then tried a WinXP repair install which would not complete because it asked for the timntr_2k.sys file which couldn’t be located. Some google searches revealed that file is part of Acronis, and suggested solution was to install Acronis to get the file which worked for the guy who was seeking it. This is even more strange because Acronis was never installed on the system, and I don’t even have the Acronis program. A fresh install of WinXP fixed this problem, and a recent WinXP backup image was restored which resulted in everything back to normal in a short time. It probably wasn’t necessary to go into as much detail on the resolution to problems, but maybe it may help someone else who experiences these any of these issues.

However, WinXP would not boot after that because in multi-boot Windows systems the OSs must be installed from oldest, next to oldest to newest as some may know and others may not know. [/QUOTE]

That was always the case. :wink: