SATA burner in USB external case

Hey, I’ve searched the newbie forum and not found exactly what I’m trying to accomplish so here goes: I want to buy an internal SATA burner and use it by connecting into my USB external hard drive case (w/has PATA and SATA).

Everything I read tells me this is possible. So when I upgrade w/a whole new system next year I’ll have the connection type I want. It might affect speed
but as long as nothing interferes with the writing, I’m ok with that.

One tech answered ya can’t but I know enough to realize he’s not sure. Any experts out there? I’d search the rest of the forums right now but my eyes/head are going to explode.:stuck_out_tongue:



Should work fine.

Speed shouldn’t be an issue with USB, if the enclosure has an eSATA interface than there will be no concern whatsoever.

Speed shouldn’t be an issue with USB, [/QUOTE]I beg to differ. Depending on the Sata/USB interface of the enclosure, 12x is often the maximum useable speed.