SATA as slave?

how do i make a SATA hdd slave to a IDE master. Right now I cant even find it in device manager. I was trying to set it as master but was having problems with updates and etc so now i want it to be slave and if i cant do that i am just gonna take it back to the store

sorry if i done make much sense just haveing a bad day:a:a

for reference here is what i was having issues with when setting it as master

Master/Slave doesn’t exist with SATA drives…it’s a completely different bus and shouldn’t have anything to do with your IDE drive.

As mentioned above, with an IDE and an SATA drive the IDE is master and the SATA is on its own. If your problem relates to the boot order you can address that in the BIOS setup.

I have tried to restart several times and have gone into the bios several time. and nothing ever worked so i just turned the hole thing off and took a 30 min nap and when i got back up i turned it on and it finally showed up

this has been one crazy day. now i need a beer thatnks for the replys and help

perhaps your chipset on the mobo is overheating if a 30min break resulted in things working correctly. what are your temps like?

temps stay around 80 F

I had the hard drive set up but run into a problem trying to do the windows updates and when I decide tou use the IDE HD to boot is when i couldnt find it for a while. I could find it in bios just not when running of the IDE as the boot device.

Im gonna give it another try later. It been a long week for me. Im gonna get another one tommorow(200gb SATA for 100usd)

sometimes you need to install additional SATA drivers that aren’t included in the standard windows install.

Yup, they should come with the mobo (support CD).