SATA and USB cables

I’ve been out of touch recently and just bought a new motherboard. Are there any differences between SATA 6GB/s and 3GB/s cables or USB 3.0 and USB 2.0?


USB Yes, although you can plug USB2 into USB3 jack (at USB2 speeds). I don’t think a USB3 cable will plug into a USB2 jack though. SATA, as far as I know, not.

Thanks olyteddy, my new motherboard supports both and I like the SATA 6GB/s cables it came with better than my current ones. Was trying to figure out if I should buy new cables.

Connection wise, a SATA 2 cable will fit in a SATA 3 socket, but the cables themselves are different. SATA 3 cables have much better noise shielding to cope with the much higher data transfers. So you should purchase SATA 3 cables for SATA 3 devices if you want to avoid problems.