SATA and SATA-II issue


I have Abit IC7-G, which is a little bit old, but yes, it’s still running. :wink: I am about to buy a new HDD, SATA-II to be exact. But of course, my mainboard supports only SATA (150). So what’s the best way to run a new disk? Are there any SATA-II PCI controllers or something like it?

And a subquestion … My WD is kinda old and SATA 150 … is it smart to put both SATA-II and SATA 150 in RAID 0?

Most have backwards compatibility, Hitachi etc…
You need at least 2 disks of the some kind to run RAID 0 effetively.
Dont buy anything less than 320Gb or more…

No, not smart. RAID-0 requires identical drives.

Just plug your drive in and go, it should be fine. It won’t be any slower at SATA-1.

Agreed about RAID-0. Also, I’m running an SATA-II drive on an SATA mobo, works just fine :slight_smile:

Em, thanks!

But is there any performance difference between SATA-II and SATA 150, both on SATA 150 mobo? Is SATA-II slowed down to meet SATA 150 requirements?

No slowdown. A hard-drive is not limited by the 150MB/s in SATA 150, but rather the speed of the spinning disks.

Most drives are lucky to see 80MB/sec sustained transfers.

Ideally use 2 identical HDD’s for raid 0. If you want to use your old SATA ports get a drive that is backwardly compatable. I know the 7200.10 series of HDD’s have a jumper to select SATA 1 or 2 compatability, they come set to SATA 1.