Sata and ide



I have a intel 915 mb, xpsp2. My box has a sata hd and i want to add a 2nd hd. I have a wd120 ide that i would like to add for a 2nd drive along with a promise ultra 100 pci card that i would use to conect the wd120 ide to the mb. The sata drive i would keep as my boot drive. Is this ok to do and would it slow things down. If so would it be better to buy a 2nd sata drive. Im taking the wd120 and promise out of a box that this one is replacing.
Thank You.


What you are doing should be just fine


Are all the system IDE’s used up?

I have an OEM MSI board (Medion MS-7091) that only has one IDE, but the normal ones should have two.

Depending on the other load on the PCI BUS (a pooled throughput of 133MB/s), it may be better to use a SATA converter, as the SATA is fed from the chipset interconnect, and does not impact PCI bandwidth.

If there are no other significant PCI bandwidth hogs, it doesn’t matter, but what once looked like unlimited througput compared to the old ISA bus, is now looking like it could reach saturation with, lets say, two fast drives and a capture card.

If you have the kit available (and a spare bay!), then you may as well use it, as the average system will not (YET) be in PCI throughput distress - though it would be if the majority of onboard stuff was still “onboard PCI” and not tied directly in to the chipset interconnect (in the case of PCI-Express chipsets, maybe at the PCI-Express level where there is 250MB/s thoughput per single lane device - UNPOOLED).


What you should get is an Sata. Ide is old technology.




Thank You, harley2ride, Matth, paq7512 and drpino(love your homer) for your reply’s. This box is just for making very large files so i do not even use my pci-e port. onboard vid and sound are fine for what i use this box for. However all four of my ram slots are full and with my p4ht this box is very fast running the multi app programs i use to make my files.
Thanks, sally.


Get SATA II. WD 1200JS/2000JS/2500JS/3200JS and Samsung P120 series and more.


no prob sally…based on your usage…i see no reason to spend more money :wink:


Just a followup. Drive works well had to change bios setting and use promise unsinged driver. The only downside is an extra spash screen at startup (add 2sec) for the drive but atleast it shows dma ultra5.
Thanks to all.