SATA advanced issues

I wonder why the intel Matrix Storage Manager does not show DMA modes and accoustic management on a new PC of mine?

Also: In the Vista device manager there’s no channel 0 to channel 3 listing under the drive controller entry. Is this because BIOS is set to Native Mode?

A problem appeared already. I couldn’t update the H30N to the new 1.02 firmware. I had to use the Vista Pre-Installation Kit DVD and boot to the virtual drive X:. Then it worked perfectly.

(Background info: BIOS is set to AHCI (non-RAID) and to Native Mode for the SATA ports 0-3 (which are the 4 SATA ports build into the intel “southbridge”). Native Mode instead of Legacy Mode is possible, since it is a modern OS only (Vista64) as well as a SATA drives only system. An existing additional onboard SATA controller is powered off in BIOS and is completely unused. I have three of the very latest Seagate models and a (temporarily installed) LG GSA-H30N SATA burner on those ports 0-3.)