Sata/300 using ata/100 IDE same computer?



I have a new self-build puter with two Sata/300 hard drives.

Both are Western Digital Sata /300 Hard drives.

  1. Raptor 74GB for all my apps,and
  2. 500GB for storage.

QUESTION: I have an old 80GB Compaq Ata /100 hard drive with alot of info I want to maybe use as another internal backup for music and photo files. Are they all compatible with using together?

Both Western Digital newer hard drives are plugged into the SATA MOBO Plugins, I would have to set this IDE Compaq Hard drive to SLAVE, or open, and connect along the CDROM daisy IDE cable?

Do when I reboot with all three hard drives,is it going to be an extra drive…I don’t reformat this of course…How about in the Bios?



You can connect the IDE drive in the same IDE slot of the burner, being careful to set jumpers correctly (there cannot be two master drives). You can set the HDD as master or slave, this should not make any difference. The computer will see a new HDD automatically.

An alternative is to buy an external box and use the IDE drive through an USB port. In this way you don’t need to mess up with BIOS nor with cables in the computer.

If you decide to install the drive internally, then be careful to set in BIOS the boot drive priority so the first boot device is the SATA disc with the operative system installed, or the system will try to boot from the IDE drive instead. If there is no operative system in the IDE drive (but only data files), this will not make any damage, but the boot time will be longer because the operative system will be searched first in the wrong place.


HD as slave to an optical device would be an unusual condition, I’d be inclined to set the HD to master and the optical to slave, as a matter of convention