SATA 3.0 standard ratified; 6Gbps, isochronous SATA inbound

The SATA-IO has finalized the SATA 3.0 spec, which, in addition to a 6.0Gbps transfer rate, packs some other nifty features. This transition, a little more urgent than prior speed bumps because of SSDs, can’t happen soon enough, but what will it do to the motherboard market?



Good. Hope it can be next year.

With the new 6Gbps standard finalized, engineers from SATA-IO member companies will be investigating the potential of a seamless transition to higher speeds, possibly 12Gbps, which was not explicitly planned in 2001. It’s possible they’ll succeed, but some interface engineers have expressed uncertainty, and even skepticism, that the transition will be managed. In this event, a modified SATA interface, or even a completely new interface, will be needed when a new standard is implemented, some time around 2013.