SATA 2 SATA transfer F**KIN SLOW?

help me understand this, any kind of data interaction between 2 SATA drives especially on the same controller goes very slow on my machine. by a factor of 4 or 5 times, SATA to IDE and IDE 2 IDE seems fine.

I am trying to transfer 100 gigs from one drive to the other, and after a few mins, it still didnt have the time estimated, much slower than ethernet. It estimates 9-11 mins when i try to move a dvd, which should take less than 5

any insight

thanks :confused:

A lot more information would be helpful. What SATA controller, what MB, what drivers? What is your CPU usage during the slow transfer?

Get a copy of ATTO disc benchmark and run it on each drive and post the results. For most HD issues, this is a good place to post.