Sata 2 drive with Sata 3 cache

I have 2 drive bays on my HP. One has a SATA 2 connector, and has the spindle drive installed in it. The other bay has a SATA 3 connector and bus, and this will have a Intel 520 SSD in it, and will be used as the cache drive. Will your caching software still perform at SATA 3 speeds if the non-cache drive is connected via a SATA 2 bus?

I ask this because I have read some where that OCZ synapse cache drives will only run at SATA 2 speeds if either drive is connected to a SATA 2 bus.

when your HP has a SATA 3 Host Controller and these storage devices are connected with it, and assuming that Intel 520 SSD has a SATA 3 interface. Then the caching software will run on SATA 3 speed. Access to the SATA 2 device will run on SATA 2 speed of course.