Sat Url's And Good Programs



I boys I'd like to khnow in Private Message some good sat link where I can find se** K** for my gold W***r update, if is possiblie, in just real time...

Best Regards Marco


What is it that you want, can’t read it due to all the * written.
If you are after illegal downloads, you are in the wrong place, even requesting such things is illegal and could get you banned from this forum…

So I would state your request a bit clearer if I were you, making sure you don’t break the rules here.


se** K** for my gold W***r

sexy KLM for my gold Wafer ?

seen KAT for my gold Water ?

self KPN for my gold Wutor ?

I have no idea what you mean …


I think it has something to do with illegal decoding of satelite channels. That is illegal, so not allowed here at CDFreaks. He knows he is asking something illegal because he wants answers by PM and makes the question unreadable with its stars (which probably won’t matter to people who are into this illegal thing.)


Do not ask for sat hacking materials ot channels for it.

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