SAT audio to DVD to PC Mp3-How

Hello Everyone

I did a search for this and found several posts but all were asking how to get audio off concerts and soundtracks involving copy-protected DVD’s. I’m trying to get the audio off DVD’s recorded from our Panosonic standalone DMR-ES10. Actually I’m trying to help my neighbor on this.

He’s asking about getting audio off the Cable music channels. I figured I can just burn (8) hours worth off the Dish and give him the disc. He just got a new HP pc with a DVD burner I think has Roxio. Since this is not a copy protected DVD just what does he need to get the audio to mp3 so he can put it on his IPod? Hopefully something either free or cheap but what ever works. Also would it be better just to leave the 'video" cable connected or should I disconnect it while reording the audio? Thanks for your help

Kenny J.