Sasser author confesses in trial

Chicago (IL) - During trial proceedings in Germany, a 19-year old programmer admitted to have created the Sasser virus that has caused severe damages to at least 143 companies around the world. A verdict is expected for Thursday, although jail time for the defendant is highly unlikely.

The case against Sasser programmer Sven Jaschan was pretty clear, so the quick confession came as no surprise to legal experts and people who have been following the events. But despite Sasser, have caused significant damage, he is unlikely to be sent to prison, since he was only 17 years old when released the virus, according to media reports.
German law requires “criminal intent” as well as a “particular severity of guilt” to justify prison for under 18-year-olds. If Jaschan should be convicted of such criminal intent, he is facing up to five years behind bars. Legal experts quoted in German media said such a conviction appears to be very unlikely at this time.

According to the case filing, damages caused by Sasser are estimated to be about $155,000 and are also unlikely to be collected, since Jaschan apparently does not have any assets that could be recovered. Legal experts expect that potential insufficient network security at the companies named in the suit against Jaschan could become an issue that decreases the verdict. Likely are “disciplinary measures”, social work or juvenile detention," a spokesperson for the state prosecutor said.

Source: TomsHardware


Glad they got him, but such a ‘slap on the wrist’ was very disappointing. They should have kept him in jail, making minimum wage, until he paid sufficient restitution. If that would have meant 25 years of hard labor behind bars, so be it. Unfortunately, with no real ‘bite’ of his life, this won’t dissuade others from trying the same thing, since they see they’ll most likely get off lightly.