SARS... does it scare you?

Its already killed around 14 people in Canada I think and there have been many cases in the US. However, it is not such a crisis here as it is in Asia and Canada. People just dont seem as worried even though there are cases here. I guess all the focus is on Iraq and SARS is left to page 6 or 7 in the papers.

I’m from China. the original source of SARS, there are two kinds of rumor:
One: SARS is a top secret Bio-Weapon released from Chinese army by accidently.

Another: SARS are a Taiwan and United State’s Bio-attack.

This seems like a bullSH T…

Our goverment cancel this year’s labor day holiday: 5.1 to 5.7
and most popular places are sterilized. There is no big panic in my city. however in other big cities, people are very worried and panic anywhere…

Oh my god, SARS kill some people in my local province, I’m staying at home all the day…

Its already killed around 14 people in Canada …

I live in Canada , but not in Toronto :bow: :bow: :bow:

I was really scared of it initally. In my city (Pune) there were 3 cases reported, but all of them have recovered 100% - SARS is symptomatic - so proper precautions and medication will ensure a complete recovery - unlike AIDS which may be fatal. Unfortunately its also very easy to get the virus. Thankfully, most SARS cases can be treated - examples are America and India where no deaths have occurred.

Who told you that? There is not even any medication for sars.

If you got medication for SARS, please contact me immediately, I can guarantee you will be the next generation Bill Gates in the 21CN…

Originally posted by alexnoe
Who told you that? There is not even any medication for sars.

Well from what I’ve spoken to the doctors, SARS is an acute form of pneumonia - in which the condition deteriorates so seriously that unless proper care is taken, the patient dies. But this doesnt mean that there is no ‘cure’ for SARS. Its a symptomatic disease. Its not like AIDS for which there’s no ‘cure’.

Maybe some doctor on CDFreaks could explain better - Hemispasm? :bigsmile:

The immune system can take care of sars, but there is no medicine available to kill the virus. The patient can be isolated, and the immune system can be “supported” etc, but the virus itself cannot be killed. That’s entirely up to the immune system.

For HIV, the problem is that the virus cannot be killed reliably, and that the immune system has no chance either (it attacks some cells so that the relative amount of suppressor cells, or whatever they are called in english, increases, so that, simply expressed, the immune system stops its work although the virus is present). So it’s a completely different thing

actually, according to an article at - sars qualifies as a coronavirus. while i dont know what that means, i do know that its classified in the same kind of viruses as hepatitus c and west nile.

they recently found a patient that had two strains of the virus. scary mutation,1286,58635,00.html

Nearly 50 Korean-Chinese have illegally entered South Korea. The police and military authorities are looking for them. Taiwan IT firms are scared.

Tuesday 29 April 2003

SARS concerns spark call to postpone Computex exhibition
Charles Chou, Samson Yu and Sun Chin-yao, Taipei; Christy Lee,

Triggered by concerns about the spread of SARS, more than 20 PC and motherboard manufacturers signed a petition letter asking the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and China External Trade Development Council (CETRA) to consider postponing the Computex trade show.

Computex 2003 is scheduled to be held in Taipei from June 2-6.

According to motherboard sources, companies that joined the petition included first-tier motherboard makers Asustek Computer, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), Micro-Star International (MSI) and Gigabyte Technology; several second-tier board manufacturers; PC system companies; and chipset designer VIA Technologies.

A similar view is reportedly shared across Taiwan’s IT industry. A second petition letter, from notebook and IPC (industrial PC) manufacturers, will be sent to the TCA on April 30.

Although the SARS outbreak in Taiwan has been less serious than in China and Hong Kong, many overseas customers have said that they would not run the risk of attending the Computex show, sources said. As a result, IT manufacturers said that they hope the TCA and CETRA can make the final decision soon, which would reduce losses from exhibition-related expenses.

To date, ARM, Xilinx and LSI Logic have already decided not to send top executives to attend the trade show. Graphics chip maker Nvidia is also planning to participate in the event only by holding a product launch conference in the US.

Given the recently escalating SARS condition in Taiwan, the TCA issued another survey of registered participants. The responses have not been tallied yet.

The TCA said it expects to reach a final decision this week after discussions with CETRA.

Hell yes, because Im getting over a flu bug

Originally posted by alexnoe
Who told you that? There is not even any medication for sars.
There’s no medication that targets directly the virus, not any vaccine that could be used to prevent the infection. But you can always treat the systematic symptoms of the disease and help the organism deal with the infectious factor by itself, allowing self recovery.

Those that cant for some reason, that maybe being a suppressed or reduced immune system, will unfortunatley succumb to the disease.

@ FD: I am not aware of any case of SARS being reported to occur in the US. I am pretty sure that all cases in the American continent have been reported only in Canada. Can you please give me a link to anything related to SARS in the US? (professional interest you might call it :wink: )

Just saw there was a second page to this thread, where Alex has covered quite well. The only thing i can add is that the HIV virus maybe more difficult to cope with since it does render the immune system uselless in defending the organism, but one should keep in mind that the getting infected with it requires close physical contact thus the infectivity rate is quite lower than SARS, which has been reported to be able to infect even by a simple hanshake. A mortality rate of 5% is quite a big one too, given the fact that the virus can affect a bigger number of individuals at a given time compared to any other factor mentioned up to now here.

FD nevermind the link, just found some interesting info myself (seacrhing gets you that :wink: ):


United States
Suspected SARS pneumonia cases in the United States have climbed to 39 in 18 states.

California 10
Connecticut 1
Hawaii 3
Illinois 1
Maine 1
Massachusetts 1
Michigan 2
Missouri 2
Mississippi 1
New Jersey 1
New Mexico 1
North Carolina 2
New York 5
Pennsylvania 1
Rhode Island 1
Texas 3
Utah 1
Virginia 2

Total Suspected U. S. Cases Under Investigation: 39


Canada 11
China (Guangdong Province, February 2003) 305
France 1
Germany 4
Hong Kong 260
Italy 2
Republic of Ireland 1
Singapore 65
Spain 1
Switzerland 2
Taiwan, China 6
Thailand 5
United Kingdom 3
Viet Nam 58

Some general info on corona viruses can be found here if one is interested.

If you’re freaking over this SARS shed and you’re a smoker, you should be worrying more about the latter since according to some cracker organization (Truth), more people die from smoking per year than SARS, a lot more. Or if one of your friends, family member, or people you know smokes and you’re afraid you might die from 2nd hand smoke, maybe you should consider murdering their ass first.

Just to clarify, I’m not one of the 10 infected weakasses in Cali. That’ll be all…