Sapphire ATI 9600 not recognizing?

Hey all, I need an intelligent bundle of suggestions as to why when I install my video card above, turn on my puter, and nothing happens on the screen. It doesn’t sound like it’s booting, as if it doesn’t realize a new card is installed.

Any suggestions as to what causes this, and how to get my puter to recognize it’s there???

I’m running AMD 2500+, 512 333DDR, 60GB WD 7200RPM, ECS L7S7A2 M/BOARD, NEC FE700+ Flat screen, burner, tv tuner, blah, blah, blah, you know… all the toys, runs very, very well. I keep a very clean system.

Simplified: What causes a puter to not recognize a video card? and what possible ways can an attempt be made to fix it?

Thx a bunch,


Did you have an on-board video card before. If so have you changed the BIOS from on-board card to AGP card. Same possibly goes if you had a PCI card in there before hand.

I recently installed exactly the same card into a machine. The above suggestion is what I had to do to get a picture up. After that it worked find.

Try putting your old card backl in again and see if the computer boots up again. Might be that you knocked a lead out when you were putting it in.

If Womble’s suggestion doesn’t work out for you, you could try to reset the BIOS of your system and see what happens…

I just looked up your mainboard specs and it seems to me that your mainboard is capable of working with this card.
It could however be that your card draws too much power from your system. If that’s the case you’ll most likely need to buy a stronger PSU. What PSU is your system now? As it seems a pretty complete system to me, I can image a weaker CPU being to weak to feed a 9600…