Sapphire ati 9000pro 128mb problem with video files


I have one big problem. My card, doesen’t play (show picture ) any video files. I tried all catalyst files included omega… nothing helped. when I uninstalled drivers and use generic VGA card drivers, everything plays normal… I going mad :frowning: I cannot watch movies eighter… HELP pls!

Hi there,

It isn’t realy your card that’s causing the troubles, buy (very probable) the lack of the right codecs to play certain video formats.

For the best, you download a codec pack that installs (about) all neccesary codecs. My favourite is the K-Lite codec pack, combined with FFDShow.

K-Lite codec pack
Nicmo codec pack

Well, I hope this helps a little!

Hi Dee-ehn,

before ati I used NVIDIA G-force 2 mx400 with same codecs and all video format played fine. I tried all u mentioned… no luck. But strange is that, when I uninstall ATIs drivers, all video format plays well… I’m a minutes away from reinstalling windoze (i use xp with sp1)! what if card somehow wreck?

Hmm this is rather strange, something I really don’t have a solution for.

The only thing I can think of you could try to do, is to remove all installed codecs on your system and reinstall them (with all the ATi drivers installed)…

AFAIK the codecs don’t depend on video drivers, but as there seems to be a direct connection between the two…

Strange problem!

yeah strange… I made a devision. reinstalling windoze! But… I think that would not help much :frowning: and I thought that i’ll be happy with ati… oh yeah. I will report :wink:

Thank you!

Here I am… fresh install. Before installing catalyst mpegs played normal… after that - darkness :((( CARD is ruined? is that the possibility? sorry for mi english :wink:

Just a thought but with a video file playing, open ATI control panel and see if you can adjust your settings under the “overlay” tab.

ww1912 u are a genius! In BsPlayer I marked off " use overlay" and video is playing now! But in WMP still don’t work, but what a heck :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you :slight_smile: ATI Cards are a little bit complicated… I still think that NVIDIA has better drivers.

No problem, glad I could be of some help.

I’m glad that it worked out, but somehow I wonder how this problem can be (I use the same drivers and I don’t have to adjust any settings to get video playing to work (all players work fine here)…

Dee-ehn, I’m still wondering… don’t have a clue… but I’m glad, that now at least in Bs works properly.