Saphire 9800 pro128MB = 9800XT?

I have an old graphics card the ATI Saphire 9800pro128mb if my memory is correct I can make it into 9800XT if this is so how do I go about it???

I am going to upgrade it soon to a 6800GS but for know I want to get a little extra performance from my ageing card.

Thanks Brandon

The only differance between the 9800XT and 9800 pro is clock speed (that is the one based on the RS360 core) If you have the RS 350 core, you are out of luck. I think you can do a bios flash to convert it to read as a 9800XT. Here is an article on how to do it:

The 9800 pro to 6800 GS is a waste of money. Not enough of a performance gain to justify $200. If you are going to upgrade, get the 7800GS if you have agp, or at least the 7800GT if you have PCI-E

Cheers Pyro :slight_smile:

New ATI cardlooks pretty nice also (slobber). Only available in PCI-E though. Seems top end AGP cards are becomming hard to find in my area.:slight_smile:

The new ATIs will also become available with AGP soon. :wink: