Sanyo's New HD-BURN

For those of you that don’t know, HD-BURN squeezes 2 times as much data onto a standard CDR.

The sanyo website says this about the HD-BURN technology.

" HD-Burn achieves a 134.3 % improvement in reduction of minimum size and 148.9 % improvement in error correction, with an overall improvement of 2 times in recording capacity."

What I’d like to know is this. The actual increase in data storage is only increased by 35%. So does that mean that the rest is just a reduction in error correction code.

The sanyo website suggests it’s perfect for video. So are we comparing this to the original MODE2 for cd’s. basic error detection code, but not enough to actuially reconstruct the data?

In this case, we’d really only have enough error code for video, and HD-BURN wouldn’t be suitable for programs or any sort of data storage.

What does everyone think?

I haven’t even read any review of Sanyo’s HD-BURN drive sample.

It’s not the first time somebody said they could improve existing technology with existing programs.

First examine , then we’ll see about it.

This sounds like the new Plextor gimmic. It will not be readable in other drives, AFAICT, and will be much more prone to read errors.
I’m also guessing that it’ll be slow to burn and slow to read, possible slower than burning the same amount of data in the standard format. I believe that this is the technology that shortens the pits and lands.

I must agree with our mod from New Mexico. Although it is nice that there can be squeezed lots of more data on a CDR than it actually was produced for, it probably gets very prone to errors and the compatibily will be a total hell.

If you only want to make regular backups (e.g. of your personal documents), this feature could work out really well (can save you quite some money) but furthermore, I see no point in using this technique, as the writtin disc is only readable with a HD-Burn writer…

Unlike :bow: $ony’s :bow: DD (pink-book or similar weird color) that required in addition to the drive also non standard CD,
or Plextors not described method :confused:

Sanyos approach by using standard CD, but improving the error-correction efficency and reduce the physical write dimensions seems like a sensible solution to me.

That HD-Burn is included in Sanyos new chipset
as well as now supported by two more names
and in SW like Nero should (hopefully) show that it’s not only a marketing sceme.

Still a number of questions remain like e.g.

Why did they choose not to reduce the physical write dimensions further (will there be problems with some CD’s).

Will we see CD-RW support,

But mainly, when will Sanyo demonstrate read-support (at least demonstrated in by Sanyo) in an older DVD-drive via a Firmware-update.

Well I’ll just wait for the reviews before I make up my mind, but at first sight it looks like a nice feature for personal backup, nothing more.

By the way, WELCOME to the forum snn47.