Sanyo who is part of HD-DVD group quietly joins Blu-ray group



I just posted the article Sanyo who is part of HD-DVD group quietly joins Blu-ray group.

   Until now, we have heard about companies either working with or backing the  Blu-ray disc group or the HD-DVD group.  Sony leads the group behind Blu-ray,  while Toshiba leads the group...
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Interesting. Sounds like there’s going to be another format war. Yay. I can hardly wait.


I think in about a year from now, the majority of hi def players on the market will be HD-BluRay combos. They will mostly be made by Sanyo, Samsung and other third - party companies. See, having only one format player wont make sence as some movies (about 20 % of the market) will be produced by Sony pics and others. The majority of Hollywood and especially movie rentals will stick with HD-DVD as more scratch resistant and cheaper. Computer world though will likely prefer BlueRay as cheaper (25GB one layer recordable blanks) and of higher capacity. It will also be sweet to back up a 30 GB HD double layer onto 25 GB BluRay disk. But thats a far-fetched future, when some HD-DVD-Jon does a few dirty trick with encryption. :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers. FidelC


Hi FidelC. According to the Blu-Ray v. HD-DVD article, on this site, a dual player is not likely, at least in the near future. There are technical complications, explained on the article, which are not so easy to overcome. I also ask why a dual player which, most certainly , will be more expensive? This war format will be crazy. I will buy none, until the prices are at current DVD prices. For me, DVD is here to stay.


Hmmm… Very Interesting… Sanyo… A Double Agent.
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It’s not surprising. Both Samsung and LG have long supported both Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Sony is large and so is Toshiba but there are many other companies that are larger than them. Would they choose to have just one standard products?