Sanyo: what is burnproof? Why does it make a gap?

I just posted the article Sanyo: what is burnproof? Why does it make a gap?.

After the first part about Burn Proof they have now added another article about burnproof, and why it makes a gap. I must say it’s a rather complicated story but for the people who are intrested in…

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Hmz… getting a pretty nice hang of what they’re trying to tell there! :7 But it seems that there are a few minor translation errors in the text which result in a : !| ALL YOU BASE ARE BELONG TO US |! kind of story, so that’s probably why most will have difficulties in understanding the whole story. And they used a charset (x-sjis) for the text, so the symbols won’t show up correctly on most computers :wink: But anyway, most important thing they’re trying to tell here is that the BURN-Proof leaves a gap, because the disc keeps spinning while it’s re-starting the burn process. And then, beacuse the disc does NOT spin down, the restart of the writing process just leaves a small gap between the already recorded part, and the ‘new start’. Why one would really care a lot about this?? I don’t know. We’re talking nanometers here, and that’s a gap most cd-players can handle easily!