Sanyo touts 100GB Blu-ray discs



I just posted the article Sanyo touts 100GB Blu-ray discs.

Sanyo has unveiled plans for a new type of blue laser diode, which it said could support four-layer 100GB Blu-ray discs. Emitting 450mW, nearly double the 250mW from existing lasers, the new laser…

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Wow! I wonder if the price of the 4-layer, 100
GB disks will be quadruple that of current disks, or merely triple?


Wow! This format is a mess. That’s all we need two different Bluray lasers to help confuse/turn off the public some more.


What’s the point in releasing a four-layer Blu-ray Disc? In my opinion the more layers a disc has the more fragile it becomes!


Can’t we just go back to floppies?


You may want to change the title. Sanyo developed a new laser… not a disc.


I’m with Duke! This getting too complicated, sorry to the poor bast**d who buys his BluRay in 2009/2010 only to find it obsolete a year or so later :frowning:


How many movies are they going to put on one?

South Philly


It’s not how many movies they can put on one disk, it’s how much “valuable” “extra content” they can put on one, like director’s comments, and actors’ comments and producer’s comments and keygrip comments and best boy comments caterer’s comments and…


It’s not how many movies they can put on one disk, it’s how much “valuable” “extra content” they can put on one, like director’s comments, and actors’ comments and producer’s comments and keygrip comments and best boy comments, caterer’s comments and…


Umm, who cares ? Blu-ray is a dead end.


@ ferd

EXACTLY. They need the room for extra content. They know how important it is to us to have 20 languages, subtitles, director’s comments, downloadable content like maps to the homes of the rich and famous, etc on the disc.

What ever happened to the movie?

And when will this end? Now they’re talking about quad HD. Four times the resolution that Blu-ray currently offers. This is getting out of control. I have no desire to watch quad HD and be able to pause the movie and accurately count the hairs coming out of Karl Malden’s big nose.

I went to Wall Street today and asked the average person about what they thought of the current economic situation. This is what they had to say:


Go back to floppies eh… Which ones??? 3.5, 5.25, or 8 inch???

If it’s 8 inch, I’m already set, as I have a garage filled with 8 inch drives, floppies, and 8 bit IBM interface cards for them…


the more content you put into it, the more it is for you to lose the same amount of data just by (take note) a single scratch on your BR disc quad layer. imagine your precious movies, photos and music stored on your 100GB 4L BR disc, and voilla, slipped into your hands dropped and scratched. all of a sudden you get an error reading disc message. tsk tsk.


Quad HD? Good God! Would you even be able to tell the difference? Isn’t that beyond what the human eye and ear can pick up anyway?

If I remember correctly in most situations human senses can’t really pick up the difference between HD and regular digital except in very specific situations. To me Quad HD would have to be the ultimate in something you can’t use.

What are they going to film it with to get that kind of detail anyway? An electron microscope? Less like counting hairs and more like counting quarks if you ask me.



“Can’t we just go back to floppies?”

Nah, tape drives. I relish the old days when it took 10-15 minutes to load a game on a tape drive, ie Atari 400 tape drive :slight_smile: . Maybe we all should go back to those days and learn some patience, lol.

It would be nice to 100GB disc but only if it is sold at a reasonable price. I am sure if they did use these laser diodes, the price/disc would be sky high.


Lol@ Caterer’s commentary! Yeah the prob is no real booktype/structured standards. Look at DVDs Vs CD booktypes! What a complete mess, workable but a mess! What about scratches on a $25 disc?! No hard-coat layer? Caddy system even? How mad are you going to be when you get some kind of “power calibration error” type nonsense while burning at rated speed? $10-25+ down the drain?! How long is it going to take to burn this shit? No optical drive is coming anywhere near a HD in terms of read and write speeds, so transfers are going to be long and arduous. Again what happens with errors? 10min of transferring ruind etc… Layers and crap, it’s just too much hassle dealing with optical storage that large, when they cannot get the quality assurance and standards up to an acceptable (high) level. It’ll just be a quick buck format, then something new will come out.

Today’s economy premotes NEWNESS and the constant release of new models before any real consistency of product reliability/longevity can anchor itself like with CDs. Throw away society/consumer-goods… you asked for it, now ya got it :rolleyes:


This sounds great in theory but Sanyo have to realise that most consumers are not going to keep playing the “upgrade” bandwagon especially when it will cost a fortune initially as always. The most important thing with Blu-Ray is the movie and current movies show up to 1920x1080, and extras are included on a dual layer 50gb disc, so there is no need for so much extra room - what will they fill it with - ads?. Plus no point trying to introduce a higher capacity when Blu-Ray is still behind DVD’s in sales plus the hardware is still too expensive. This is ludicrous and I hope the BD Association rejects this as its overkill