Sanyo to stop media errors

I just posted the article Sanyo to stop media errors.

Media errors is more and more a common problem, because more people are getting Highspeed 16x drives.

FlexSS-BP technology from Sanyo, should reduce media errors, by preventing the laser to write…

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Looks interresting. It seems that Sanyo is making it harder to burn those coasters :p. I think 24x will be the maximum, since all those companies are going to produce the DVD+RW thingie now.

this is good news as long as it doesnt interfer with the writing speed.. and It will take a long time before there will be a dvd thingie because there isnt a real standard for that dvd thingie…

Jeah, sure. Read this:

lets hope plextor brings out a drive with this tech . maybe 24X soon ???

Great… No more coasters except those that we make when we try to burn SD2…