Sanyo ships 24x/10x/40x CDR-W drive

I just posted the article Sanyo ships 24x/10x/40x CDR-W drive.

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CDR-Info has a scoop about the latest 24x CDR:
Do you think that 16x writing speed is already fast enough? Then I imagine hearing about 20x and…

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2MB buffer? Would that be enough? I know that BURNproof works exelent but it seems a bit little to me…

well, it takes 3 minutes to burn the cd (650mb) so with leadin&out it should take about 4 mins but I doubt that most 5400rpm harddrives can handle an average(!) speed of 3.6 mb/s and when they go under the 3.6 mb/s youre buffer will be empty in no time so I think 24x and up writing will only be a solution for people with fast (scsi:) disks (and fly writing will certainly be out of the question if you ask me). and if you buffer goes 10x empty it will take as long as writing on 16x. the would better make a cdr where you can put 10cds in or so :))

This makes my 10x seem like its crawls!!! :d

I would never change this Sanyo thing for my Plextor 16x ! It’s much better quality product and it never ever fails ! Wouldn’t waste my money on that crappy drive coming up in 3 MONTHS! PLEXTOR RULEZ !!! :7

My Plextor 8x4x32 uses Sanyo chips!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

As Sanyo was the developer of BURN-Proof i think they have a better view of how to handle the technology best. But i cannot see how they will achieve a max-speed at 24x without the speed getting reduced as the buffer must “revive”. :*

Hmm what does that z clv mean? I don’t suppose much good… After all they still are 12x or something…

  • And btw. Lord02 All the Plextor drives are based on Sanyo eqiupment, so i don’t think there is that much difference between them. But i still would preffere my Plextor instead of any other drive. Plextor rulez!!

Check this article on CLV, CAV, P-CAV and Z-CLV. Interesting :wink:

I don`t believe these shitheads at sanyo placer really release a 24x burner. I mean WOW … what a decrease of time … (at least 1/2 minute to the plex 16x). I allready said a 16x would be stupid (if you allready have a 12x)… F*CK! -=[DC]=-ViRuZ

Correction: I mean at sanyos place … and the decrease of burntime would be much wore than 1 1/2 minute

Sanyo BP1300P had good performance…but not many users out ther…and poor upgrade was the problem for me…as I said in the forum…Sanyo sucks in user support…they just don’t release updated firmware…we know these Sanyo burners can do almost anything plexter can do…if only Sanyo had some respect for the users…So I sold my Sanyo and waiting for plexter 1210TA…and by the way who needs a 24x or even 16x if don’t burn cds for a living…8x is kinda slow…16x’s too expensive comparing to 12x…I think 12x just great for personal use…no offence guys…just a little thought I had…

Man…right now my CD burner is defect, and I only have a 4x4x32 :c Be smart…sell Silver CD’s.

well GAM3FR3AK 2mb will work just fine…with the burnproof you dont need more than 2mb… :wink: and that rules … :7